Where We Started​​

A monthly box full of stuff for sale is not a new concept. There are boxes shipped around the globe for footwear and active wear, cosmetics and jewelry, pet products and more. Most of these boxes are a marketing tool for the products contained within them, which is an awesome idea but totally not what we believed would fit our company motto. “People helping people, to help people!”TM Here you will learn about the evolution into our concept of helping people with the boxes we create.

Forever Keepsakes Ltd. is our corporation which was created in 2011 by me, Liane Pinel, mother, artist, speaker, intuitive counselor/spiritual life and business coach (yes, I wear a lot of hats and I love every single one of them) to create one of a kind items for gifts using art and photography by kids and artists from t-shirts to coffee mugs. One at a time. No one else was doing that as most companies created only minimum orders for this type of thing. A parent wishing to put their child’s art on a mug had limited options and hefty price tag when found. We changed that. And we grew to help more people sell their art around the world.

Then We Evolved


Then we evolved. We started opening to new markets and working with spiritual art which lead to a spiritual shop under our corporate umbrella that we called The Spirit Within Metaphysical Shoppe where people of all faiths and belief systems, all arts and cultures could find that special something. A lot of the products we started to carry on consignment were of local artists. See that? “People helping people, to help people!”TM 


Our consignment fees are the lowest in the business. Why? Because we simply want to help people promote their work and make “enough” to make our ends meet. Yes, we are a for profit business. So that we can continue to do what we love to do without restrictions. We live, are happy, and support our community and we have “enough”.

Then we evolved again. We added a spiritual event centre called, you guessed it, The Spirit Within Event Centre! Here we host classes that teach everything from Belly Dancing to Reiki, Mediumship to Tarot Cards, Drum Circles to Universal Magick and anything else that our community wishes to explore.

The Journey Begins

During this journey a very good friend of mine suggested we hop on the box band wagon that was trending and she purchased a few boxes so that we could see if it fit with our company. It did not. Only because I saw the benefits of the advertising trend but saw no “people helping people, to help people”TM that we stand for.

My thought was immediately, “Who does this box help?” As far as I could see it helped no one but the advertising company promoting the items or the big manufacturer of the items. It was a sales and marketing gimmick. A great one to be sure but still just a marketing ploy. I could feel something deep within me stirring and I went home to sleep on it.

That night I had a vision.  I saw a box full of actual value, well beyond the actual retail price. Of products made by hand by people for people to teach them to remember to nourish their bodies and honour their spirits. Where the money from the boxes paid to produce the products, by people in need, in our own community and where a special item in every box paid for the education, health care and physical needs of the community making the item, from a third world country. “People helping people, to help people!” TM

Each box serves a special purpose. If there is an issue then “There’s a BOX for That”TM  For example, if there is a college student studying hard for final exams there is a “Memory Box” filled with handmade products like a large GMO free bath bomb,  a full sized soothing soap made by hand with all natural ingredients and pure essential oils to help clarify thought and help retain information, a handmade soy candle with a burning time of approx. 24-28 hours created with the same essential oil blend and a gift of natural crystals chosen for the task at the bottom so the candle does it job and burns properly and cleanly, an amazing full sized, tinned, fair trade, tea to quiet the nerves and promote clear thinking, a 5 ml bottle of the essential oil blend created for this specific event as well as loose crystals to help focus and a crystal bracelet/pendant or other piece of jewelry designed to help this issue. All created with love and positive intention, by the very people the box purchase is helping, by helping you!  What a beautiful thing!

Who We REALLY Help



The prototype boxes created, and the recipes made for the first 7 boxes full of products were created by me, Liane Pinel and were designed to help heal and nourish each of our seven main chakras. (There are more!) If you love a product that you receive in a box you can purchase just that item should you choose without having to repurchase the whole box. There will also be a custom box option where you can pick one of each of the categories to fill your personal box! There will be holiday boxes, theme boxes like Empowerment or Nourish and Just for Fun boxes like Fairy Magic and Power Animals all filled with love and value for the betterment of our minds, bodies and spirits! The best part is that you will know that your purchase is truly helping the people who touched each and every product in the box you hold! Each box will tell a story of hope and love.

We are currently in the soft launch phase and need your help and support to grow to help as many people as possible! We wish to expand again to a larger space where we have a production area to grow our team and help single parents who need truly flexible hours, and people leaving abusive relationships to start over with guidance and support, as well as those with disabilities that may keep them out of the regular work force but where the support of a team can help them find a purpose! Let’s teach the world TOGETHER that we can ALL be people helping people to help people! We can make a difference in so many lives.


If there’s a mind, body or spiritual need, There’s a BOX for That?!TM

If you want to become involved or wish to place a wholesale order for the first seven chakra boxes, please call us at:

The Spirit Within


Attn: Liane Pinel

3-117 Main St N

Airdrie, AB

T4B 0R3