Our famous Chakra Essential Oil Blends now available in 10ml colour coordinated rollerball bottles! Take your favourite oil with you! Then refill it with two 5ml bottles and save money! Simply pop out the plastic part that holds the rollerball and use a pipette or teensie funnel to refil then press the rollerball portion back into place!


Although our blends are always skin friendly dilutions in MCT Coconut Oil for stability and less chance of allergies there is always that person who may not react well...we recommend ALWAYS doing a skin test first by rolling on a tiny amount inside the elbow crook of your arm...wait 24 hours and when it's all good, go for all your pulse points...temple, wrist, neck, ankles:) Love the skin you're in!

Chakra Essential Oil Blends 10ml Rollerball

Chakra Essential Oil Blends

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