An amazing oil infused with Moldavite for a FULL moon cycle and ritually blended for your highest good. Under the influence of Moldavite you step forward into your power. Moldavite is useful for sensitive people who are finding it difficult being fully in this incarnation on earth. Fractionated coconut oil blended with amber absolute, oakmoss absolute, and arborvitae(tree of life) essential oils helps ground your new visionary skills and smells “heavenly” and “earthy” at the same time!


A lot of people online have been asking us for moldavite essential oil. Just to be clear there is no such can not get an essential oil from a crystal or rock or mineral or metal. However, you CAN get an infusion or elixir, if you will, by placing said crystal into a blend of essential oils that compliment it and leave it to infuse its unique energies into the chosen oils.That is precisely what this oil blend is...all natural pure essential oils of amber(absolute), oakmoss(absolute) and arborvitae(tree of life) blended in skin friendly, highly stable MCT coconut oil. A "not of this earth" and yet "of this earth" magickal blend.

* Although our blends are always skin friendly dilutions in MCT Coconut Oil for stability and less chance of allergies there is always that person who may not react well...we recommend ALWAYS doing a skin test first by rolling on a tiny amount inside the elbow crook of your arm...wait 24 hours and when it's all good, go for all your pulse points...temple, wrist, neck, ankles:) Love the skin you're in!

**For external use only! Do not use on children or pets. Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

Moldavite Essential Oil Blend 5ml

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