Ritually blended and charged to help you connect to your inner spiritual warrior of self! This amazing box of self care products are made with Auralite23 crystal, and all natural ingredients including pure essential oils of sandalwood, rose, Roman chamomile, bergapetene free bergamot, Mandarin, jasmine, arborvitae, patchouli,amber and vanilla bean! 
It packs a whallop and is a lovely gift to self or others who need to remember that they truly are in control of their own selves! Choose to stand in your power! 
Each box contains a pure soy candle, a bath bomb, a triple butter moisturizing soap embedded with Auralite23, a 5ml dropper of the matching essential oil blend, three delicious hand woven blooming teas and an Auralite23 tumbled chip bracelet! Over $80 individually! What a great deal! And when you love a specific product or two just come on back and pick them up in our Individual Items tab!

Phoenix Warrior-Stand in Your Own Power Box

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